Creek Chub Bait Co.

Creek Chub lures are among my favorites! They have so many different models and colors to collect. Beginning in 1916 Creek Chub Bait Company made their first lure, the Wiggler. From there so many more amazing lures were made!

Many of the CC Bait Co lures are wooden with glass eyes. They also produced wooden with tack eyes and painted eyes. They created many great plastic lures as well. The earliest Creek Chub lures have metal lips with no stamp on them. The next lures have C.C.B.CO. Garrett Ind on the lip and then the patent date PAT 9-27-20 was added after that. 

There are many different models and colors of Creek Chub lures. To learn about individual models, click the lure name in the charts below. If the link isn't clickable yet, feel free to email me for info as I am in the process of getting the information for each lure added now.

Here is a model chart and a color chart that will help you identify the models and colors of your Creek Chub lures. For example: If your lure's box is stamped 2614, you would have a Jointed Pikie (model 2600) in Yellow Spotted (color code 14). 

 Model No.  Lure
 100  Wiggler
 200  Baby Wiggler
 200-P  Plastic Wee Dee
 300  Crawdad Crab Wiggler
 400  Baby Crawdad
 500  Open Mouth Shiner
 500-P  Top 'n' Pop
 600  Husky Musky
 600-P  Mitie Mouse
 700  Famous Pikie Minnow
 700 SW  Saltwater Pikie
 800  Deluxe Wagtail Chub
 800  Giant Jointed Pikie
 900  Baby Pikie
 1000  Creek Bug Wiggler
 1000  Metal Cohokie
 1000-P  Nikie
 1100  Creek Bug Wiggler
 1100  Metal Mini Cohokie
 1100  Plastic Snarkie
 1200  Fly Rod Pikie
 1200  Plastic Snark
 1300  Fly Rod Pikie
 1300  Plastic Snark Eel
 1400  Big Creek Bug Wiggler
 1500  Injured Minnow
 1600  Baby Injured Minnow
 1700  Poly Wiggle
 1700  Silver Sides
 1800  Underwater Spinner Minnow
 1800  Wiggle Diver
 1900  Creek And River Fishing Lure
 1900-P  Striper Strike
 2000  Creek Darter
 2000 SW  Saltwater Darter
 2100  Fintail Shiner
 2100-P  Striper Strike
 2200  Midget Pikie
 2300  Husky Pikie
 2300 L  Saltwater Husky Pikie
 2400  Wigglefish
 2400-P  Striper Strike
 2500-P  Striper Strike
 2500  Baby Wigglefish
 2600  Jointed Pikie
 2700  Baby Jointed Pikie
 2800  Weed Bug
 2800-P  3 Jointed Pikie
 2900  Gar Minnow
 3000  Jointed Husky Pikie
 3100  Castrola
 3200  Plunker
 3300  Sarasota
 3400  Snook Pikie
 3500  Husky Injured Minnow
 3600  Lucky Mouse
 3700  River Rustler
 3800  Beetle
 3900  Sucker
 4000  Tarpon Pikie
 4100  Jigger
 4200  Jointed Midget Pikie
 4300  River Scamp
 4400  Flip Flap
 4500  Wiggle Wizard
 4600  Skipper
 4700  Fethi-Min
 4800  Wee Dee
 4900  Jointed Darter
 5000  Close Pin
 5000  Spinning Wiggle Diver
 5100  Dingbat
 5200  Baby Dingbat
 5300  Husky Dingbat
 5300-P  Plastic Dingbat
 5400  Surface Dingbat
 5500  Jointed Snook Pikie
 5600  Dinger
 5700  Husky Dinger
 5800  Husky Plunker
 5900  Midget Plunker
 6000  Midget Beetle
 6000  Giant Straight Pikie
 6100  Midget Dinger
 6200  Plunking Dinger
 6300  Pop 'n' Dunk
 6380  Mouse
 6400  Tiny Tim
 6500  Baby Bomber
 6577  Mouse
 6580  Mouse
 6600  Dive Bomber Kreeker
 6700  Big Bomber Kreeker
 6800  Jointed Striper Pikie
 6900  Striper Pikie
 7000  Seven Thousand Crawdad
 7000  Pocket Rocket
 7100  Snook Plunker
 7200  Surfster
 7300  Husky Surfster
 7400  Salt Surfster
 7500  Surf Popper
 7600  Surf Darter
 7700  Salt Spin Darter
 8000  Midget Darter
 8000 CB  Concave Belly Darter
 8800-P  Viper
 9000  Spinning Darter
 9000-UL-P  Ultralight Darter
 9200  Spinning Plunker
 9200-UL-P  Ultralight Plunker
 9300  Spinning Pikie
 9300-UL-P  Ultralight Pikie
 9400  Jointed Spinning Pikie
 9400-UL-P  Ultralight Jointed Pikie
 9500  Spinning Injured Minnow
 9500-UL-P  Ultralight Injured Minnow
 9600  Spinning Deepster
 9700-P  Spinning Nikie
 9800-P  Ultralight Nikie
 9900-P  Cray-Z-Fish
 F1-11  Flexible Floating Feather Minnow
 F10-13  Feather Casting Minnow
 F20-31  Bass Fly
 F40-42  Hopper Fly
 F50-51  Fly Rod Crawdad
 F80-81  Fly Rod Froggie
 F90  Fly Rod Crippled Minnow
 F100-102  Fly Rod Pop It
 F200-213  Fly Rod Mouse
 F300-307  Hum-Bird
 F400-405  Bug-A-Boo
 F500-505  Bug-A-Moth
 F600-605  Bug-A-Bass
 F700-705  Bug-A-Boo
 F800-805  Bug-A-Boo
 F900-909  Bull Pup
 F1000-1005  Plunker Bass Bug
 F1100-1105  Plunker Trout And Panfish Bug
 F1200-1205  Floating Fly Rod Minnow
 F1300-1319  Fly Rod Dingbat
 F1400-1419  Fly Rod Dingbat
 G11  Jig-L-Worm
 LS  Streeker
 S  Streeker
 S1-3  Wicked Wiggler
 S10  Wigl-Y-Rind
 S11  Wiggle Jig
 S20-25  Sinful Sal
 S30-39  Champ
 S40-49  Musky Champ
 S50-57  Saltwater Champ


 Code  Color
 00  Natural Chub
 00  Natural Crab
 00  Pikie Scale
 00  Bug Finish
 01  Perch Scale
 02  Red Head White
 03  Silver Shiner
 04  Golden Shiner
 05  Red Side
 05  Dace
 06  Goldfish
 07  Mullet
 08  Rainbow
 09  Greenback
 09  Shad
 10  White With Blue Head
 10  Amber Flash
 10  Gray
 11  Black With White Head
 11  Purple
 12  All Red
 12  White
 12RE  White Red Eye
 13  All Black
 14  Yellow Spotted
 15  Tan Crab
 16  River Peeler
 16  Banana
 17  Luminous
 17  Coachdog
 18  Silver Flash
 19  Frog
 20  Green Gar
 20  Mackerel
 21  Day-N-Nite Nite-Glo
 21  Fluorescent Red
 22  Nite-Glo Red Head
 22  Fluorescent Green
 23  Fluorescent Yellow
 24  Redwing Blackbird
 24  Shrimp
 25  White Scale
 25BE  White With Black Eye
 26  Red And White With Wings
 27  Spotted
 28  Gray
 29  Victory
 30  Red And Orange Spotted
 31  Rainbow Fire
 32  Fire Plug
 33  Black Scale
 34  Blue Flash
 35  Purple Eel
 36  Sucker
 37  Yellow Flash
 38  Pearl
 39  Tiger Stripe
 40  Chrome
 41  Red And Yellow
 41  Amber Flash
 42  Black And Yellow
 42  Psychie Pikie
 43  Strawberry
 44  Whitefish
 50  Yellow Beetle
 51  Green Beetle
 52  White And Red Beetle
 53  Orange Beetle
 54  Gold Beetle
 55  Black Beetle
 FG  Fluorescent Green
 FR  Fluorescent Red
 FY  Fluorescent Yellow
 GP  Glow Pearl
 R  Red Pickerel Pikie
 T  Tiger Stripe
 Y  Yellow Pickerel Pikie

I buy Creek Chub lures and antique, vintage and old lures from many, many other companies. If you have lures to sell, feel free to contact me. I pay more than most other collectors out there so be sure to get in touch with me.


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