James Heddon & Sons

Heddon lures are amazing baits to collect! They have enough different models and colors to keep you going for a lifetime. Beginning in 1897 James Heddon, of Dowagiac Michigan, carved his first lure, the elusive hand carved frog. From there so many more amazing lures were made!

Many of the old Heddon lures are wooden with glass eyes. They also produced wooden with tack eyes and painted eyes. They created many great plastic lures as well. The earliest Heddon lures came in white two piece cardboard boxes, some with pictures of the lures printed on them and others with various writing or designs. Other very early models will be found in wooden boxes with slide top lids. Heddon had a quite few different variations of boxes over the years.

There are many different models and colors of Heddon lures. To learn about individual models, click the lure name in the charts below. If the link isn't clickable yet, feel free to email me for info as I am in the process of getting the information for each lure added now.

Here is a model chart and a color chart that will help you identify the models and colors of your Heddon lures. For example: If your lure's box is stamped 2150 CM, you would have a Musky Crazy Crawler (model 2150) in Chipmunk (color code CM). 

 Model No.  Lure Picture
 Dowagiac Underwater Expert
 0  Dowagiac Minnow - Three Hooks
 00  Dowagiac Minnow - Five Hooks
 2  Dowagiac Casting Bait Slopenose Expert
 10  Light Casting Minnow  
 10B  Florida Special
 10S  Saltwater Florida Special  
 11  Light Casting Minnow  
 20  Baby Dowagiac Minnow
 30  Salt Water Torpedo
 40  Walton Feathertail
 40  Westchester Bug  
 50  Artistic Minnow
 50  Bass Bug - Large
 60  Bass Bug - Large  
 70  Stanley Weedless Pork Rind Minnow
 70  Drewco Salt Water  
 74  Fuzzi Bug - Trout Size
 75  Fuzzi Bug - Bass Size
 80  Tiny Teaz
 85  Pop Eye Frog
 90  Bubbling Bug
 100  Dowagiac Minnow - Three Hooks
 110  River Runt
 120  Baby Torpedo
 130  Torpedo
 140  Flipper
 140  SOS Sink Or Swim Wounded Minnow
 150  Dowagiac Minnow - Five Hooks
 160  SOS Sink Or Swim Wounded Minnow
 170  SOS Sink Or Swim Wounded Minnow
 175  Dowagiac Heavy Casting Minnow
 190  Ace Stanley
 195  Yowser Spinner Bait  
 200  Slopenose Expert
 200  Surface Lure
 210  Surface Lure
 220  Weedless Wizard/Weedless Widow
 250  Dowagiac Minnow  
 260  Surface Minny
 280  Queen Stanley
 290  King Stanley
 296  Musky King Stanley  
 300  Surface Minnow
 300  Six Hook Musky Minnow
 300  Widget
 300  Top Sonic
 305  Hi Tail / Top Kick
 310  Tiny Spook
 320  Tiny Crazy Crawler
 325  Ultra Sonic
 327  Chrome Finish Ultra Sonic
 330  Tiny Stingaree
 335  Tiny Chugger Spook
 337  Chrome Finish Tiny Chugger Spook
 338  Natural Finish Tiny Chugger Spook
 340  Tiny Floating Runt
 345  Heddon Deep 6
 350  Tiny Sinking Runt
 350  Musky Surfusser
 353  Natural Finish Tiny Runt
 355  Teeny Torpedo
 360  Tiny Torpedo
 361  Baby Torpedo
 362  Magnum Torpedo
 363  Natural Finish Tiny Torpedo  
 364  Chrome Finish Tiny Torpedo  
 365  Baby Zara Spook  
 366  Chrome Finish Baby Torpedo  
 366  Zara II  
 370  Tiny Lucky 13  
 370  Muskie S.O.S Wounded Minnow  
 372  Chrome Finish Tiny Lucky 13  
 375  Craw Shrimp  
 380  Tiny Punkinseed  
 382  Tiny Punkin Spin  
 385  Sonic  
 387  Chrome Finish Sonic  
 388  Natural Finish Sonic  
 390  King Stanley  
 390  Tiny Tad  
 395  Firetail Sonic  
 400  Dowagiac Killer  
 400  Ice Decoy Minnow  
 400  Bucktail Surface Minnow  
 400  Fidgit  
 401  Fidgit Flasher  
 402  Fidgit Feather  
 402  Bucktail Surface Minnow  
 403  Machete  
 411  Spinfin  
 412  Spinfin  
 413  Spinfin  
 415  Jolly Wally  
 420  Whis-Purr Spinner  
 421  Gamby Spinner  
 423  Gamby Spinner  
 425  Whis-Purr Spinner  
 430  Sonar  
 431  Sonar  
 431F  Sonar Flash  
 433  Sonar  
 435  Sonar  
 440  Saint Spinner  
 450  Dowagiac Killer  
 451  Wag Spinning Lure  
 460  Hep Spinner  
 461  Hep Spinner  
 462  Hep Spinner  
 463  Hep Spinner  
 464  Hep Spinner  
 470  Fin Jig  
 490  Spoonyfish Spoon  
 500  Multiple Metal Minnow  
 500  Little Joe Saltwater Special  
 500  Weedless Spoon  
 501  Weedless Spoon  
 502  Weedless Spoon  
 510  Metal Minn  
 510  Moss Boss  
 515  Moss Boss  
 520  Shark Mouth Minnow  
 550  Float Hi Bug  
 550  Tiny Preyfish  
 560  Preyfish  
 580  Wee Willie  
 590  Spoonyfish Spoon  
 590  Mini Tad  
 590  Wee Tad  
 600  Big Joe Saltwater Special  
 606  Baby Devil Diver  
 610  Sea Runt  
 610  Coast Minnow No. 3  
 620  Coast Minnow No. 2  
 630  Coast Minnow No. 1  
 640  Coast Minnow No. 4  
 700  Muskellunge Musky Minnow  
 710  Flaptail Bug  
 720  Flaptail Bug  
 730  Punkinseed Sinker  
 740  Punkinseed Floater  
 750  Wooden River Runtie  
 790  Spoonyfish Spoon  
 800  Swimming Minnow  
 800  Big Mary Saltwater Special  
 850  Swimming Minnow  
 850  Little Mary Saltwater Special  
 880  Hedd Plug  
 900  Dowagiac Swimming Minnow  
 910  Wilder Dilg Bass Size  
 920  Wilder Dilg Spook  
 930  Wilder Dilg Trout Size  
 930  Popeye Hedd Hunter  
 935  Popeye Hedd Hunter  
 940  Popper Spook  
 940  Popeye Hedd Hunter  
 945  Popeye Hedd Hunter  
 950  River Runtie Spook  
 960  Bug A Bee Spook  
 974  Bass Bug Spook  
 975  Bass Bug Spook  
 980  Punkie Spook  
 990  Tiny Clatter Tad  
 991  Phosphorescent Tiny Glow Tad  
 1000  Night Radiant Moonlight Bait  
 1000  Triple Teazer  
 1001  Woodpecker Surface Bait  
 1010  Tiny Tiger  
 1020  Tiger  
 1030  Tiger  
 1040  Big Tiger / Magnum Tiger  
 1130  Slick Trick Casting Spoon  
 1190  Devil Ace  
 1280  Devil Queen  
 1290  Devil King  
 1291  Devil King  
 1300  Black Sucker Minnow  
 1400  Dowagiac Single Hook Minnow  
 1500  Dummy Double Minnow  
 1600  Deep Diving Wiggler  
 1700  Near Surface Wiggler  
 1800  Crab Wiggler  
 1900  Baby Crab Wiggler  
 1950  Midget Crab Wiggler  
 2000  Wiggle King  
 2020  Commando  
 2100  Crazy Crawler - 2 3/4"  
 2120  Crazy Crawler - 2 1/2"  
 2150  Musky Crazy Crawler  
 2160  Sam Spoon  
 2200  Slant Head Lucky 13  
 2400  Baby Lucky 13  
 2420  Chrome Finish Lucky 13  
 2500  Lucky 13  
 2525  Chrome Finish Lucky 13  
 3000  Spin Diver  
 3200  Spoony-Frog  
 3400  Little Luny Frog  
 3500  Luny Frog  
 4000  Meadow Mouse  
 4500  Hellcat  
 5000  Tadpolly 3 7/8"  
 5100  Polly Runt  
 5400  Baby Gamefisher  
 5430  Brush Popper  
 5440  Brush Popper  
 5500  Gamefisher  
 6000  Tadpolly 4 5/8"  
 6500  Zaragossa  
 6550  Darting Zara - 1932 Only  
 6600  Darting Zara  
 7000  Flaptail  
 7000  Deep-O-Diver  
 7001  VL&A Muskellunge Trolling Minnow  
 7015  Prowler  
 7025  Prowler  
 7028  Natural Finish Prowler  
 7040  Husky Flaptail  
 7050  Musky Flaptail  
 7050  Giant Flaptail  
 7050  Prowler  
 7075  Musky Prowler  
 7110  Flaptail Jr  
 7300  Jointed Vamp  
 7350  Giant Jointed Vamp  
 7400  Baby Vamp  
 7500  Vamp  
 7510  Giant River Runt  
 7540  Great Vamp  
 7550  Giant Vamp  
 7550  6" Musky Vamp  
 7600  8" Musky Vamp  
 7725  Cousin I  
 7735  Cousin II  
 8000  Crackleback  
 8050  Crackleback  
 8300  Zig Wag  
 8340  Zig Wag Jr  
 8350  King Zig Wag  
 8360  King Zig Wag  
 8400  Plunking Basser  
 8500  Basser  
 8500  Head On Basser  
 8500  Daddy Basser  
 8510  Deluxe Salmon Basser  
 8520  Deluxe Salmon Basser  
 8540  King Basser  
 8550  King Basser  
 8560  King Basser  
 8800  Hedd Plug  
 8850  Magnum Hedd Plug  
 8850  Salmon River Runt  
 9000  Shrimpy Spook  
 9000  Tadpolly Spook  
 9001  Phosphorescent Glow Tad  
 9007  Magnum Phosphorescent Glow Tad  
 9010  Midget River Runt Spook Sinker  
 9015  Jointed Firetail Tadpolly  
 9020  Midget Digit  
 9025  Wobble Tadpolly  
 9100  Dowagiac Spook  
 9100 SP  Super Dowagiac  
 9110  River Runt Spook Sinker  
 9120  Crazy Crawler Spook  
 9120  Baby Torpedo Spook  
 9130  Torpedo Spook  
 9140  Wounded Spook  
 9160  Wounded Spook  
 9170  Musky Surface Spook  
 9200  Darting Zara Spook  
 9200  Dying Quiver Spook  
 9205  Dying Flutter Spook  
 9207  Surface Dying Flutter  
 9210  Darting Zara Spook  
 9210  Dash Spook  
 9215  Zara Spook Pooch  
 9225  Zara Spook Puppy  
 9236  Super Spook Jr  
 9240  Zara Spook Jr  
 9240  Zara II  
 9241  Wounded Zara II  
 9250  Zara Spook  
 9251  Swayback Spook  
 9255  Original Zara Spook  
 9256  Charlie Campbell Zara Spook  
 9256  Drop Zara Spook  
 9260  Chrome Finish Zara Spook  
 9260  Zara Spook  
 9268  Zara-Gossa II  
 9269  Zara-Gossa  
 9300  Hedd Hunter  
 9303  Natural Finish Hedd Hunter  
 9308  Natural Finish Hedd Hunter  
 9310  Hedd Hunter  
 9320  Hedd Hunter  
 9321  Phosphorescent Glow Hedd Hunter  
 9325  Natural Finish Hedd Hunter  
 9326  Natural Finish Hedd Hunter  
 9330  Big Hedd  
 9330  Jointed River Runt Spook Sinker  
 9340  Big Eye  
 9345  Deep 6  
 9350  Big Eye  
 9350  Hedd Hunter  
 9355  Hi Jacker  
 9385  Super Sonic  
 9386  Rattle Sonic  
 9387  Chrome Finish Sonic  
 9400  River Runt Spook Floater  
 9430  Jointed River Runt Spook Floater  
 9440  Abu Hi Lo River Runt  
 9500  Floating Vamp Spook  
 9520  Chugger Jr.  
 9522  Chrome Finish Chugger Jr.  
 9540  Chugger Spook  
 9542  Chrome Finish Chugger Spook  
 9550  Big Chugg  
 9600  Salt Spook  
 9630  Punkinseed Spook  
 9700  Flaptail Jr Spook  
 9730  Jointed Vamp Spook  
 9750  Vamp Spook  
 9800  Sea Spook  
 9800  Meadow Mouse Spook  
 9810  Salmon Basser Spook  
 9830  Scissor Tail  
 9840  Basser Spook Jr  
 9850  Basser Spook  
 9900  Crab Spook  
 9900  Clatter Tad  
 9930  Stingaree  
 9930  Cobra  
 9940  King Cobra  
 B110  Midget Digit  
 B190  Ace Stanley Bullet  
 B50  Bass Bug - Trout Size  
 C2500  Salmon Lucky 13  
 C9840  Sea Basser Spook Jr  
 C9850  Sea Basser Spook  
 DD1010  Deep Dive Tiny Tiger  
 DD1020  Deep Dive Tiger  
 DD350  Deep DivTiny Runt  
 DD9010  Midget Deep Dive River Runt  
 DD9400  Deep Dive River Runt  
 D1900  Go Deeper Crab  
 D350  Go Deeper Tiny Runt  
 D9010  Midget Go Deeper River Runt  
 D9110  Go Deeper River Runt  
 D9430  Jointed Go Deeper River Runt  
 DS9400  Silver Salmon River Runt  
 E9110  Waterwave River Runt Spook Sinker  
 E9400  Waterwave River Runt Spook Floater  
 F4000  Fur Finish Meadow Mouse  
 F4200  Munk Mouse  
 J220  Weedless Widow Jr  
 KF9750  Kingfish Vamp Spook  
 L-10  Laguna Runt  
 N9110  No Snag River Runt  
 P365  Wounded Baby Zara Spook  
 SS8500  Silver Salmon Basser  
 SS9840  Silver Salmon Basser Spook  
 SW9840  Salt Water Basser Spook Jr  
 SW9850  Salt Water Basser Spook  
 S4  Bug A Bee  
 S8500  Saltwater Basser  
 S9205  Wooden Dying Flutter  
 S9210  Spinnered Darting Zara  
 S9225  Wooden Zara Puppy  
 S9400  Silver Salmon River Runt  
 S-9400  Salt Water River Runt  
 S9750  Saltwater Vamp Spook  
 S9900  Baby Crab Spook  
 V385  Vibra Flash Sonic  
 V9385  Vibra Flash Super Sonic  
 WH7300  Harden's Whiz  
 WH7400  Harden's Whiz  


Code Color Picture
0 Black Sucker
0 Fancy Green Back With White Belly
0 White - Early
0 White With Green And Red Spots
0 White With Red Head And Tail
0 White With Red, Green And Black Spots
0S White With Green And Red Spots
0 LUM Luminous
1 Rainbow
1 Yellow With Red Spots
1 Yellow With Black And Red Spots
1 Yellow With Red, Green And Black Spots
1 Research
1RH Rainbow With Red Head
2 Fancy Sienna Yellow
2 White With Red Gills
2 White With Slate Back
2 White With Red Back
2 White With Red Head
2 White With Red Eyes And Tail
2 Red With Black Spots
2LUM Luminous With Red Eyes And Tail
2M White Body With Red Gills
2RBT White And Red Enamel With Red Bucktail
2RH White With Red Head
2XS White And Red Shore Minnow
2XSRH White And Red Shore Minnow With Red Head
2YB White With Red Head And Yellow Belly
3 Aluminum
3 Fancy Green Back With White Belly
4 Solid Red
4 Blended Red
4 Red With Green Back
5 Fancy Green Back With White Belly - 170 Series
5 Blended Yellow
5 Yellow With Red And Green Spots
5 Orange With Red Spots
6 Gold
6 Rainbow - 170 Series
7 Fancy Sienna Yellow Belly
7 White With Slate Back - 170 Series
8 White With Gold Flitter
8RH Red Head With Gold Flitter
9 White With Silver Flitter
9A Yellow Perch / Bar Perch
9B Green Frog
9BB Meadow Frog
9BF Bull Frog / Luny Frog
9BK Brook Trout
9BP Shiner Scale - Brown
9BRH Frog Spot With Red Head
9C Imitation Crab
9COP Copper Sheen
9D Green Scale
9DRH Green Scale With Red Head
9DSB Green Scale With Silver Back
9E White With Green Spots
9F Yellow With Black Head
9G Solid Black
9G Black With Orange Tail
9GC Green Crab
9GRHT Black With Red Head And Tail
9GW Glow Worm
9GWH Black With White Head
9H Red Scale
9J Frog Scale
9JRH Frog Scale With Red Head
9K Goldfish
9L Perch
9LC Luminous Crab
9LD Light Green Scale
9LRH Perch With Red Head
9LUM Luminous
9LYB Perch With Yellow Belly
9M Pike Scale
9MRH Pike Scale Red Head
9N Dace
9NC Natural Crab
9NS Natural Shrimp
9P Shiner Scale
9PAS Allen Stripey
9PBH Blue Herring
9PL Pearl
9PBL Blue Pearl
9PLXB Blue Pearl Shore Minnow
9PLXR Pearl X-Ray Shore Minnow
9PRH Shiner Scale With Red Head
9PRHYB Shiner Scale With Red Head And Yellow Belly
9PSRH Spotted With Red Head
9PYB Shiner Scale With Yellow Belly
9R Natural Scale
9RH White With Silver Flitter And Red Head
9RHYB Silver Flitter With Red Head And Yellow Belly
9RRH Natural Scale With Red Head
9SH Silver Herring
9SHAD Shad
9SK Sucker
9SPEC Special Order Colors
9SPRH Green And Gold Spots With Red Head
9SS Silver Scale / Silver Flitter
9SSRH Silver Flitter With Red Head
9T Dark Green Back With Gold Speckles
9V Orange With Black Spots
9W Solid White - Early
9X Blue Scale
9XBW Black And White Shore Minnow
9XBY Black And Yellow Shore Minnow
9XGF Greenfish Shore Minnow
9XPLB Blue Pearl Shore Minnow
9XRB Red And Black Shore Minnow
9XRG Green Shore Minnow
9XRP Silver Salmon
9XRS Silver Shore Minnow
9XRX Bluefish Shore Minnow
9XRY Yellow Shore Minnow
9XS White And Red Shore Minnow - Pradco
9XSK Goldfish Shore Minnow
9XWB White And Black Shore Minnow
9XWB LUM Luminous White And Black Shore Minnow
9XWR White And Red Shore Minnow
9XYB Yellow And Black Shore Minnow
9XYR Yellow And Red Shore Minnow
9XYS Yellow Scale With Red Shore Minnow
9Y Solid Yellow
9YB White With Silver Flitter And Yellow Belly
9YBS Yellow With Black Stripes
9YF Yellow With Flitter
9YG Yellow With Gold Spots
9YRH Yellow Red Head
9YS Yellow Scale
9YXB Yellow Black Bone
9YXR Yellow With Red Bone
9Z Purple Back Scale
9Z Rainbow Scale
14KCD 14 Karat Coachdog
AGO Amber Gold
AMB Amber
AMG Amber Green
AMP Amber Pearl
AMR Amber Red
AMW Amber White
AMY Amber Yellow
B Solid Black
B Brass
BAM Amber Black
BAR Barfish
BB Baby Bass
BB Black Bucktail
BBF Bone Bull Frog
BBW Black And White Bucktail
BC Black Crappie
BCD Black & White Coachdog
BCDS Transparent Blue Coachdog
BEB White With Black Back And Head
BEC Fluorescent Yellow With Red Back And Head
BEF Fluorescent Yellow With Black Back And Head
BEG Yellow With Green Back And Head
BER White With Red Back And Head
BEY White With Yellow Back And Head
BF Bullfrog
BF Copper Finish - With Weed Guard
BFW Copper Finish - No Weed Guard
BGC Green And Black Crackleback
BGL Bluegill
BGPK Bubble Gum Pink
BGS Chrome With Brown Back And Gold Scales
BH White With Blue Head
BH Blue Herring
BHGB Glow Body With Black Head
BHW Cobalt Blue And White Ribs
BHY Black Head With Yellow Shore
BJG Green With Green Scale And Black Bar
BJO Silver Scale With Orange Belly And Black Bar
BJY Sunfish - Big Hedd 
BKGLT Black Scale With Glitter
BKHY Spook Ray Black & Yellow With White Ribs
BKS Silver With Black Back - Commando
BL Blue
BL Blue Scale
BLBK Chrome Finish Blue With Black Back
BLCD Blue & Black Coachdog
BLF Blue Flitter Shad
BLP Blue Pearl Herring
BLS Blue And Silver
BLV Blue
BLW Blue With White Spots
BLWF Blue With White Spots And Flitter
BM Brown Mouse
BO Black With Orange Spots
BO Bone
BOBB Bone With Black Shore
BOBS Bone With Black Scale
BOC Black With Orange Crackleback
BOD Bone Orange Dot
BOG Bone With Glow Orange Belly
BOO Bone With Orange Belly
BOR Bone With Orange Belly
BOR Pearl Shad
BOS Black With Orange Spots
BOSS Brown With Orange Scale
BOXG Bone With Gold Shore
BOXR Bone With Red Shore
BP Blue Pearl
BPB Bone Pearl Blue
BPF Transparent Black With White Eye Shadow
BPL Blue Pearl
BR Brown
BR Brown Scale
BRF Black With Red Belly And Eye Shadow
BRGY Gold Scale & Black Coachdog
BRS Brown Crawdad
BRSO Brown Scale With Orange Belly
BRT Baby Rainbow Trout
BRSY Brown With Silver Scale And Yellow Belly
BRW Brown With White Belly
BRY Black Crappie With Red And Yellow Spots
BS Black Snake
BS Black Scale
BSD Blue Shad
BSF Midnight Black With Flitter
BSK Silver With Black Back
BSM Smallmouth Bass
BSO Orange Dace
BSR Black Scale With Red Spots
BSS Black Scale With Black Stripes
BSU Brown Sucker
BSW White With Black Scales
BSX Blue, White And Black
BW Black And White
BW Black And White Crab
BWB Bronze, White And Brown
BWBY Black Body With Yellow Wings
BWC Black & White Checkerboard/Checkered Flag
BWH Black With White Head
BWH Black With White Head
BWN Black And White Buzzer
BWR Black With White Belly
BWS Black With White Spots
BWX Black Scale With Black Stripes
BWYB Yellow Body With Black Wings
BY Black And Yellow
BYY Black With Yellow Stripe
BYY Yellow Head With Black And Yellow Skirt
BYG Yellow Gold Plated
C Clear
CAT Catfish
CBCH Crackleback Chartreuse
CBDGR Crackleback Dark Grey
CBO Crackleback Orange/Red Crayfish
CBR Black With Red Wings And Yellow Spots
CBS Clear Blue Seagull
CBY Black With Yellow Wings And Red Spots
CC4 Chipmunk
CCB Clear With Black Head And Green Spots
CCMQ Color-C-Lector Purple With White Belly
CCU Color-C-Lector Orange With Black Back
CCW Color-C-Lector Yellow With Black Back
CCW Chartreuse With Gold Scales
CCX Color-C-Lector Red With Black Back
CCY Color-C-Lector Green With Black Back
CCY Green With Green And Yellow Skirt
CCZ Blue With Blue And White Skirt
CCZD Color-C-Lector Blue With Black Belly
CD Coachdog
CDF Coachdog Fluorescent Yellow
CDG Coachdog Fluorescent Light Green w/ Gold
CDA Crawdad Orange And Brown w/ Gold Scales
CD W Coachdog With Westinghouse Logo
CDY Yellow & Black Coachdog With Gold Foil
CDYB Coachdog With Yellow Head
CF Copper Finish - Metal Lures
CG White With Green Ribs And Glitter
CGG Green With Gold Wings And Black Spots
CGY Gold With Yellow Wings And Red Spots
CH Solid Chartreuse
CHB Chartreuse With Black Head And Stripe
CHT Chartreuse With Black Shore
CL1E One Eyed Jack 
CLB Clear With Blue Head
CM Chipmunk
COR Red With Orange Head & Black Spots
CP Copper Finish
CP Copper Plated
CPS Clear Purple Seagull
CPRW Copper With White Top & Red Lightning Bolt
CR Crystal Rainbow
CR Crystal Rainbow With Silver Scales
CRA Crappie
CRBSP Red Back With Silver Ribs
CRD Crawdad
CRD Crawdad
CRW Red With White Wings & Black Spots
CRWS Crystal White Spots
CS Crystal Shad
CS Chartreuse With Black Spots
CWS Clear With White Spots
CYG Yellow With Green Wings And Black Spots
CYS Clear With Yellow Spots
D Green Scale
DBL Phosphorescent Glo Blue Alewife
DD Dark Dace
DG Phosphorescent Glo Green Alewife
DG Dark Green
DL Chipmunk
DLF Denny Brauer Lightning Bull Frog
DLS Denny Brauer Lightning Shad
DPK Phosphorescent Glo Pink Alewife
DPL Phosphorescent Glo Purple Alewife
DRH Green Scale With Red Head
DY Phosphorescent Glo Yellow Alewife
DYB Green Scale With Yellow Belly
E9110GB Green And Black Water Wave
E9110RW Red And White Water Wave
E9119WR White And Red Water Wave
E9110YB Yellow And Black Water Wave
F Frog
FABS Fire Amber With Black Spots
FAYS Fire Amber With Yellow Spots
FB Black Feather
FB Striped Alewife
FBW Black And White Feather
FF...CWS Fish Flash Clear With White Spots
FF...CYS Fish Flash Clear With Yellow Spots
FF...GB Fish Flash Gold And Black
FF...GR Fish Flash Gold And Red
FF...SB Fish Flash Silver And Black
FF...SD Fish Flash Shad
FF...SOB Fish Flash Spots On Black
FF...SR Fish Flash Silver And Red
FF.SWBS Fish Flash Silver And White With Black Spots
FF...SX Fish Flash Silver And Clear
FF...WBS Fish Flash White With Black Spots
FF...YBS Fish Flash Yellow With Black Spots
FFS.GB Saltwater Fish Flash Gold And Black
FFS.GR Saltwater Fish Flash Gold And Red
FFS.SB Saltwater Fish Flash Silver And Black
FFS.SR Saltwater Fish Flash Silver And Red
FLS Green Scale With Spots
FOB Green Scale With Stripes
FR Red Ibis Feather
FRB Fluorescent Rainbow With Black Spots
FRBS Fire Red With Black Spots
FRFG French Flag Red White And Blue
FRH White With Silver Flitter And Red Head
FRT Fluorescent Rainbow Trout
FRYS Fire Red With Yellow Spots
FTO Fluorescent Green Tiger With Orange Belly
FY Yellow Green Fluorescent 
FYB Fluorescent Green Rib Alewife
FYG Gold Plated With Yellow Feathers
FYR Fire Herring 
G Green With Gold Flitter - Coast Minnow
G05 G Finish Purple Back
G28 G Finish Red Head
GAR Green Bar
GBB Green With Silver Prism
GBB G Finish Gold Bass
GBC Green & Black Crackleback
GBL G Finish Blue And White
GBLSD G Finish Blue Shad
GBRE Gold Reflector With Gold Scales & Red Eyes
GBS Gold With Black Spots
GBSD G Finish Shad
GBWS Green & White Scale
GC Green Crab
GCB Green Crackleback
GCD Green & Black Coachdog
GCO Green & Orange Crackleback
GDS Mackerel
GF Gold Finish
GF Gold Finish Vibra Flash
GF Gold Finish - Tiger
GF Green Frog
GFB Goldfish With Black
GFBS Gold Reflector With Black Scales
GFBYS Gold Reflector With Black And Yellow Spots
GFL Golden Bay Shiner
GFR Goldfish With Red
GFRBW G Fleck Rainbow
GFRS Green Fluorescent With Red Spots
GFSD Goldfish Shad 
GFSSBW G Fleck Silver With Black Back

Goldfish Tiger 

GFWBS Goldfish White With Black Spots 
GFXBL G Fleck Blue Shore Minnow
GFY Gold With Yellow Head
GFYBS Goldfish Yellow With Black Spots 
GGR Gold Green Shiner
GHWSB Green With Silver Shore
GL Gold
GLCD Gold & Black Coachdog
GLDS Gold Scale With Gold Spots
GLDS Gold Shad
GLSD Gold Shad
GLWRM Glow Worm
GM Grey Mouse
GM Grey Mouse
GN Green
GO5 G Finish Purple Back
GOA Golden Black Shiner
GOG Gold
GP Gold Plate
GPB Gold Plate With Black Back
GPK G Finish Pink And White
GPL Gold Pearl With Red Spots And Black Back
GPO Gold Plated Shiner
GPS G Fleck Pumpkinseed
GR Grey
GR Grey With Grey Hackle
GR Green Crawdad
GRA Fluorescent Green Crawdad
GRBK Green Chrome With Black Back
GRE Gold With Red Eye Shadow
GRF Green Spook 
GRG Green With White Belly
GRH G Finish White With Red Head
GRS Green And Silver Scale
GS Gray Shad
GSB Gold Chrome Black Scale
GSBO Gold Sparkle Black Head With Orange Belly
GSCD Green Scale Black Coachdog
GSCH Gold Sparkle With Chartreuse Head & Belly
GSD Green Shad
GSGW Gold Sparkle With Green Head & White Belly
GSP Green With Silver Scale
GSPW Gold Sparkle Pink & White
GSS Grey Flitter Shad
GSY Grey & Yellow Perch - Eyes On Belly
GW Glow Worm
GWF White With Green Stripes And Flitter
GWH Black With White Head
GWR Green Grey (With Gold Scales)
GWR Green Tiger With White Belly
GY Green Chrome w/ Yellow Scales & Red Spots
GYBS Gold And Yellow With Black Spots
GYF Green Fluorescent With Yellow Belly
GYR Green Yellow Red
HBS Jimmy Houston Bleeding Shad
HFB Jimmy Houston Flash Bass
HFB Jimmy Houston Florida Bass
HFS Jimmy Houston Flash Shad
HLFS Jimmy Houston Lake Fork Shad
HLFS Lake Fork Shad
HN Striper
HO Hot Orange
HOS Okie Shad
HR Herring
HW Gold Metallic With White Belly
HY Gizzard Shad
J Frog Scale
JMP Charlie Campbell Natural Perch
JMS Charlie Campbell Natural Shad
JON Black With Orange Belly
JPS Spotted Ape - Smith
JRH Frog Scale With Red Head
JRH Dace With Red Head
JRHY Frog Scale With Red Head & Yellow Belly
KA Phosphorescent Glo Khaki Alewife
KBB Clear, Silver Reflector & Blue Coachdog
KBO/G Black Scale w/ Gold Reflector & Orange Belly
KBS Silver Scale w/ Silver Reflector & Black Back
KCH Yellow Red Muskie
KGT/S Green Tiger With Silver Reflector
KGW Green Back With Gold Reflector & Scales
KRR Yellow With Red Stripe
KYF/S Yellow Scale With Silver Reflector
KYG/G Clear, Gold Reflector & Green Coachdog
KYG/S Clear, Silver Reflector & Green Coachdog
KYW Yellow Scale With Silver Reflector
L Perch
LBL Light Blue Scale
LBLS Light Blue Scale Shad
LBS Light Black Scale
LC Natural Perch
LD Light Green Scale
LSO Silver Scale With Red/Pink Ribs
LSS Transparent Grey Scale
LUM Luminous
LBW Perch With White Belly Gold Eye
LYB Perch With Yellow Belly
LYS Light Yellow Scale
M Pike Scale
MBCD Black & White Coachdog
MG Golden Black Muskie
MGCD Yellow & Green Coachdog 
MK14KCDG Metz Gold
MKOLBS Metz OLB Blue Chrome With Red Stripes
MKWCDS Metz WCD Silver & Black Coachdog
MN Chrome With Green Scales
MPBH Metallic Pink With Black Head
MPCD Chartreuse & Orange Coachdog
MS Metallic Silver With Black Back
MY Metallic Yellow With Black Back
MYB Pike Scale With Yellow Belly
N Dace
NAT BT Natural Bucktail
NB Natural Bass
NB Nickel/Chrome With Black Back
NB Nickel Plate With Blue Stripe
NBB Natural Baby Bass
NBF Natural Brown Frog
NBL Nickel Black Shiner
NBLG Nickel Black Shiner With Glitter
NBRH Nickel Blue Shiner With Red Head
NBS Nickel Black Shiner With Black Head
NBW Nickel Black Shiner With White Belly
NC Natural Crab
NCB Nickel Chrome With Blue Shore
NCHB Nickel Chrome With Chartreuse Shore
NF Natural Leopard Frog
NFL Bloody Mary
NFL Nickel Chrome w/ Fluorescent Red Shore
NFRH Nickel w/ Fluorescent Red Shore & Head
NG Northern Green
NGBR Nickel Gold With Black Back & Red Head
NGF Natural Green Frog
NGL Natural Bluegill
NGM Natural Green Mackerel
NP Nickel Plate
NP Nickel Plate
NPB Nickel Plate Blue Shiner
NPBT Nickel Plate With Bucktail
NPC Nickel Plate Blue Coachdog
NPG Nickel Plate With Green Scale
NPP Nickel Plate Purple
NPR Nickel Plate Red
NPRB Nickel Plate Solid Purple With Black Back
NPRF Nickel Plate Red/Pink Fluorescent Shore
NPRH Nickel Plate Chrome  Red/Orange Head
NPRW Nickel Bottom White & Red Lightning
NPS Nickel Plate Chrome With Black Back
NPTBLH Nickel Plate With Treble Hook
NPY Nickel Plate Yellow
NPYBT Nickel Plate With Yellow Bucktail
NR Nickel Solid Red
NR Half Nickel Half Red
NRE Natural Redfish
NRT Natural Rainbow Trout
NS Natural Shrimp
NSD Nickel Plate Green Shad Chrome
NSE Natural Sea Trout
NSN Natural Sunfish
NSO Natural Snook
NSP Natural Spotted Bass
NSP Charlie Campbell Natural Spotted Bass
NST Natural Striper
NVRB Natural Rainbow Shiner
O Orange
OB Orange With Black Lightning Bolt
OBB Orange Black Bone
OBS Orange With Brown/Black Scale
OCD Orange & Black Coachdog
OFL Orange Fluorescent
OFLBS Orange Fluorescent With Black Spots
OGB Tiger With Blue Scales And Black Stripes
OGG Citrus Chub
OHP Shiner Scale With Orange Head
OLB Pink With Blue Head And Red Stripes
OR Bloody Mullet
ORH White With Orange Head
OSD Opaque Light Green Shad
OSS Spook Glow Orange With Yellow Shore
OY Orange Chub
OYG Orange Crappie Chub
P Shiner Scale
PAS Allen Stripey
PB Silver Scale With Blue Eye Shadow
PBAR Purple Barfish
PBH Blue Herring
PC Clear With Purple Scales
PCDS Purple Coachdog With Silver Scale Belly
PCH Perch
PCHB Chartreuse With Black Back
PEP Pepsi
PG Golden Shiner
PGA Gold Dace Shiner
PGL Purple Scale With Black Stripes
PK Pink
PL Pearl
PL Purple
PLB Blue Pearl
PLP Pearl Shiner
PLR Pearl Luster Rainbow
PLS Purple Scale
PM Glo Black Frog
PNK Amber Pink
PRH Shiner Scale With Red Head
PRL Pearl
PRL Purple
PRY Purple With Red & Yellow Spots
PS Pink Shrimp
PS Purple Scale
PSA Silver Dace Shiner
PSB Pearl With Silver Back
PSWB Purple Scale With White Shore / Bars
PUM Natural Pumpkinseed
PUSF Purple Chrome Shiner
PYBS Shiner Scale With Yellow Belly
PYS Purple With Yellow Spots
R Natural Scale
R Red With Red Wings And Yellow Hackle
R Rainbow - Coast Minnow
RB Rainbow
RBA Yellow With Red Back & Black Shore
RBB Fluorescent Red Black Bone
RBB Red Head Brown Body Tan Tail
RBF Red Chrome Bullfrog
RBFF Red Chrome Bullfrog With Flitter
RBL Red Bellied Perch
RBO Rainbow - Craw Shrimp
RBT Red Bucktail
RBY Fluorescent Red w/ Black Shore Yellow Belly
RCD Red & Black Coachdog
RET White With Red Eyes And Tail
RF Redfish
RFB Spotted Redhorse
RFL Fluorescent Redhorse
RFOS Spotted Redhorse With Orange Belly
RFS Rainbow Flitter Shad
RFSS Fluorescent Red With Silver Flitter
RFY Red Sucker
RH White With Red Head
RHB Red Herringbone
RHF Red Head Flitter
RHG Red Head With Gold Reflector
RHS Red Head With Silver Reflector
RHXF Clear With Red Head And Silver Flitter
RHYB Red Head Flitter With Yellow Belly
ROB Rockbass
RRGY Red With Silver Scales & Black Coachdog
RPH White With Blue Head And Red Shore
RS Rattlesnake
RSC Clear Rattlesnake
RSG Red With Silver Scale & Green Coachdog
RSL White With Red Snake Line
RT Rainbow Trout
RW Red & White With Silver Flitter
RW Vibra Flash Red And White
RWB Blue Mullet
RWS White With Red Stripes
RWS Red And White
RYBS Yellow With Red Eye Shadow & Black Spots
S Strawberry Spotted
S Clear With Red And Green Spots
S1 White With Brown & Black Stripes
S2 White With Green And Black Stripes
S2-H Green Head With Green & Black Stripes
S3 White With Grey And Black Stripes
S4 Yellow With Green And Black Stripes
S5 Orange With Yellow Belly & Black Stripes
S6 Gold Scale With Green And Orange Spots
S...2M Silver Salmon Saltwater Red w/ White Gills
S...GW Silver Salmon Saltwater Glow Worm
S...9P Silver Salmon Saltwater Shiner Scale
S...PAS Silver Salmon Saltwater Allen Stripey
S...9PBH Silver Salmon Saltwater Blue Herring
S..9PLXB Silver Salmon Saltwater Blue Pearl Shore
S..9PLXR Silver Salmon Saltwater Pearl Shore Minnow
S...9XRY Silver Salmon Saltwater Yellow Shore
S...92XS Silver Salmon Saltwater Red & White Shore
S...9YS Silver Salmon Yellow Shore With Red Ribs
SB Smokey Black
SBL Silver With Blue Scale
SCGR Clear Green Perch
SD Shad
SDBP Shad Black And Pearl
SDF Shad With Flitter
SDGS Green Shad With Gold Stripes
SDN Natural Shad
SDS Silver Scale Shad
SF Silver Finish
SF Vibra Flash Silver Finish
SF Vibra Flash Silver Finish - Glitter
SF Silver Fish
SFB Silverfish With Black
SFBR Silverfish With Brown
SFBS Silverfish With Black Spots
SFLWB Silverfish Perch With White Belly
SFR Silverfish With Red
SFS Silverfish With Strawberry Spots
SFSD Silverfish Shad
SFSOB Silverfish Spots On Black
SFSXS Silverfish Clear With Silver Scales
SFW Silver With White Head And Tail
SFWBS Silverfish White With Black Spots
SFYS Silverfish With Yellow Spots
SG Silver And Grey
SGA Spotted Green Ape
SGSO Spook Glow Spotted Orange
SG-XGY Spook Glow Green With Yellow Shore
SG-XLB Spook Glow Red With Black Shore
SG-XOY Spook Glow Orange With Yellow Shore
SG-XYS Spook Glow Yellow With Silver Shore
SH Silver Herring
SHA Shad
SHD Backwater Shad
SIBRH Blue With Red Head & Red Spot
SIC Copper
SIGYH Green With Light Green Head & Silver Belly
SJ Smokey Joe
SJD Smokey Joe With Shad Dot
SJ/S Smokey Joe With Silver Reflector
SL Luminous With Red Head
SL Perch Scale - Sonic Special Order
SLF White With Smokey Back And Silver Flitter
SM Silver Mullet
SMBH White With Blue Head And Red Markings
SMBR Red Head With Brown Stripes & Yellow Belly
SMGS Green & Blue Scale With Yellow Belly
SO Spotted Orange
SO Goldfish Herring
SOB Spots On Black
SOF Spots On Orange Flitter
SP Sparkle
SPEC Special Order Colors
SR Red Sucker
SRB Silver With Red And Black Spots
SR-XBY Spook Ray Black & Yellow Shore
SR-XCW Spook Ray Chartreuse & White
SR-XRB Spook Ray Black With Red Shore
SR-XRW Spook White & Red Shore
SS Silver Flitter/Silver Scale
SS Silver Flash - Tiger
SS...XRP Silver Salmon Shiner Scale With Silver Shore
SS04 Silver Sparkle Red Head
SSBL Silver Sparkle Blue Head
SSBW Silver Sparkle Black Head
SSD Silver Shad
SSOC Spook Glow Spotted Orange
SSPB Star Spangled Banner American Flag
SSRHYB Silver Flitter With Red Head & Yellow Belly
SSRT Silver Sparkle Rainbow Trout
ST Speckled Trout
SU Sucker Bronze
SUBBL-SP Brown & Black With Fur Finish
SUC Natural Sucker
SUKCH-SP Yellow Red Muskie With Fur Finish
SUN Sunfish
SUOGG-SP Citrus Chub With Fur Finish
SUOLB-SP Pink W/ Red Stripes, Blue Spine & Fur Finish
SUPSWBSP Purple Scale With White Shore & Fur Finish
SUS-SP Strawberry Spotted With Fur Finish
SUYBS-SP Yellow With Black Spots And Fur Finish
SW White With Blue Head
SWBS White With Silver Reflector & Black Spots
SX Clear With Silver Reflector
SXYS Clear w/ Silver Reflector Yellow Spots
TG Orange Tiger
TS8 Purple Scale With White Shore & Teardrop Eyes
TSD Tennessee Shad
V...Y Vibra Flash Yellow
VBL Metallic Blue Chrome
VCD Shrimp Shiner
VGE Metallic Green Chrome
VGO Metallic Gold Chrome
VGR Luminous With Orange Spots
VGS Gold Brown Chrome
VRB Rainbow Shiner
VRBG Rainbow Shiner W/Glitter
VRG Sea Green Shiner
VRH Red Head Red Scale Shiner
VRY Orange Dace Shiner
VRY-SP Green Scale With Orange Scale Back
VY Yellow Dace Shiner
W Solid White
W9... Luminous Belly
WB White And Black
WBB White With Black Bar
WBC White And Black Crackleback
WBD White With Black Dots
WBE Blue Eyed Albino
WBH White With Black Head
WBL White Belly Blue Black With Silver Reflector
WBR White And Brown Crackleback
WBS White With Black Spots
WBSRD White With Black Stripes And Red Dot
WBSRG White With Black Spots And Red Gill
WBX White With Black Arrows
WC White Crappie
WCDS Coachdog With Clear Belly
WE Walleye
WFSOB Spots On Black With White Eye Shadow
WGB Gold Scale With White Belly & Black Back
WGC White & Green Crackleback
WGR Phosphorescent White With Orange Spots
WGS Phosphorescent Pink Glo Rib Alewife
WH White Head
WHRB Red Body With White Head
WHS White Scale
WL Gray Ghost
WL Gray Ghost
WM White Mouse
WPS White With Purple Spots
WR White With Red Hackle
WR White And Red
WRB White W/ Red Fin Tip & Black Lightning
WRX White With Red Arrows
WSB Sea Pearl
WSH Silver Scale With White Belly & Black Back
WSL White With Black Snake Line
WSX White With Silver Arrows
WTG White And Black Tiger
WTGYB White And Black Tiger With Yellow Belly
WYC White And Yellow Crackleback
X Clear Transparent
XBL Blue Shore Minnow
XBLW Cobalt Blue And White Shore Minnow
XBP Pearl And Black Shore Minnow
XBPRL Pearl With Black Arrows
XBW Black And White Shore Minnow
XBW W Westinghouse Black And White Shore
XBWS Transparent Black And White Shore
XBG Gold And Black Shore Minnow
XBY Black With Yellow Shore Minnow
XFB Fluorescent Red With Black Shore
XGF Greenfish Shore Minnow
XGL Transparent With Gold Shore
XGR Gold With Black Ribs And Red Eye
XGW White And Gold Shore Minnow
XRB Red And Black Shore Minnow
XRC Clear With Chartreuse Back & Silver Shore
XRG Green Shore Minnow
XRP Shiner Scale With Silver Shore
XRO Transparent With Orange Shore
XRS Silver Shore Minnow
XRW Red And White Shore Minnow
XRY Yellow Shore Minnow
XRY-G Yellow Shore With Gold Ribs
XRYB Yellow Black Bone - Chugger
XRYBB Transparent Yellow Black Bone
XRYF Yellow With Silver Shore And Flitter
XWB White And Black Shore Minnow
XWBB White Black Bone
XWR White And Red Shore Minnow
XYB Yellow And Black Shore Minnow
XYBW Yellow And Black Shore With White Belly
XYR Yellow And Red Shore Minnow
XYS Transparent Yellow With Silver Shore
XYS Yellow With Silver Shore
Y Solid Yellow - 150 Minnow
Y Yellow With Yellow Hackle
Y Yellow Shiner
Y Yellow Coachdog With Silver Reflector
YB Yellow And Black
YBC Yellow And Black Crackleback
YBG Yellow And Black With Green Stripe
YBRS Yellow With Black And Red Spots
YBS Yellow With Black Spots
YBSRG Yellow With Black Spots And Red Gills
YBX Yellow With Black Arrows
YCD Yellow & Black Coachdog
YCDS Yellow & Black Coachdog With Clear Belly
YF Yellow Frog
YF Yellow Anchovy
YFB Chrome Yellow Fluorescent W/ Black Stripe
YFBRS Yellow Fluorescent W/ Black & Red Spots
YFBS Yellow Fluorescent W/ Black Spots
YFC Yellow With Black Lines
YFD Yellow Fluorescent With 2 Black Dots
YFO Yellow Fluorescent With Red Ribs
YFRR Yellow Fluorescent With Red Ribs
YFRS Yellow Fluorescent With Red Spots
YFSL Yellow Fluorescent With Black Snake Line
YG Yellow With Gold Spots
YH Yellow Black Bird
YOB Yellow With Orange Spots
YOC Yellow And Orange Crackleback
YOF Yellow Fluorescent With Orange Spots
YPR Yellow Pearl
YR Yellow Sucker With Red Dots
YRH Yellow Red Head
YRHS Yellow W/ Red Head & Black And Red Spots
YRS Yellow With Red & Red Spots
YS Yellow Scale 
YSB Chrome Yellow Scale With Brown Back
YSL Yellow With Black Snake Line
YSR Yellow Scale With Red Spots
YSR Cream Dace
YTG Yellow Tiger
YTGYB Yellow Tiger With Yellow Belly
YWS Yellow Silver Stripe
YZ Yellow With Black Stripe

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