Heddon Three Hook 0 Dowagiac Minnow



The # 0 Heddon Dowagiac Three Hook Minnow was first introduced by James Heddon & Son in 1912 and was made until around 1927. Heddon Dowagiac Minnows were wooden with glass eyes. They were advertised as having only a few catalogued colors and some special order colors have also been found.



This #04 Blended Red 0 Minnow Is A Beauty!  



The #0 Red & Green Spots Minnow Is Quite Collectible!



This Shiner Scale #0 Was Made For Abbey & Imbrie


Heddon #0 Dowagiac Minnow lures have been found in many colors! Some Heddon boxes have end labels or stamps with the color names spelled out. Others are simply marked with a code. Here is a color chart to help you discover what color your Heddon 0 Three Hook Minnow is. 

 0  White With Green & Red Spots
 01  Yellow With Green, Red & Black Spots
 01  Yellow With Red & Black Spots
 01  Yellow With Red & Green Spots
 02  Red With Black Spots
 04  Blended Red


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