Creek Chub 200 Baby Wiggler


The #200 Baby Wiggler came out in 1917 and was made until around 1954. CCBC Baby Wigglers can be found with No Eyes or with Glass Eyes. The earliest Baby Wiggler lures have unmarked lips and hand painted gill marks. Later the lips were marked C.C.B.CO Garrett Ind, and after that PAT 9-27-20 was added to the lip. They were advertised as having 12 catalogued colors but many special order colors were also done by request.



This amazing #200 Special Baby Wiggler is in a Helin or Makinen Color. This is likely one of a kind!


This #204 Golden Shiner Baby Wiggler is a desireable lure!



The #200 Baby Wiggler with the Toad Van Houton painted lip is so tough!


This #200 Special Baby Wiggler is painted in a Shur Strike Frog Color!

Creek Chub Baby Wigglers have been found in many colors! Some CCBCO boxes have end labels with the color names spelled out. Others are simply stamped with a code. Here is a color chart to help you discover what color your Baby Wiggler is. 

 200  Chub Or Pikie Scale
 201  Perch Scale
 202  Red Head White
 203  Silver Shiner
 204  Golden Shiner
 205  Redside Or Dace
 206  Goldfish
 207  Mullet
 208  Rainbow
 209  Greenback Or Shad
 210  White With Blue Head
 211  Black With White Head
 212  All Red
 213  All Black
 214  Yellow Spotted
 217  Coachdog
 218  Silver Flash
 219  Frog
 220  Green Gar Or Mackerel
 230  Red And Orange Spotted
 231  Rainbow Fire
 232  Fire Plug
 233  Black Scale
 234  Blue Flash
 235  Purple Eel
 237  Yellow Flash
 238  Pearl
 243  Strawberry
 244  Whitefish
 200 Special  Uncatalogued Colors


I buy Creek Chub Baby Wigglers and vintage old lures from many, many other companies. If you have lures to sell, feel free to contact me. I pay more than most other collectors out there so be sure to get in touch with me.


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