Creek Chub 1400 Big Creek Bug Wiggler


The #1400 Big Creek Bug Wiggler was first introduced by Creek Chub Bait Company in 1924 and was made until around 1932. CCBC #1400 Big Creek Bug Wigglers were 2 1/2" long compared to their smaller counter parts. They were advertised as having only 3 catalogued colors but special order colors were also done by request.


Creek Chub Big Creek Bug Wiggler lures have been found in many colors! Some CCBCO boxes have end labels with the color names spelled out. Others are simply stamped with a code. Here is a color chart to help you discover what color your Big Creek Bug Wiggler is. 


 1400  Bug Or Pikie Scale
 1401  Perch Scale
 1402  Red Head White
 1403  Silver Shiner
 1404  Golden Shiner
 1405  Redside Or Dace
 1406  Goldfish
 1407  Mullet
 1408  Rainbow
 1409  Greenback Or Shad
 1410  White With Blue Head
 1411  Black With White Head
 1412  All Red Or White
 1412RE  White Red Eye
 1413  All Black
 1414  Yellow Spotted
 1415  Tan Crab
 1416  River Peeler Or Banana
 1417  Coachdog Or Luminous
 1418  Silver Flash
 1419  Frog
 1420  Green Gar Or Mackerel
 1421  Day N Nite Or Nite Glo
 1421  Fluorescent Red
 1422  Nite Glo Red Head
 1422  Fluorescent Green
 1423  Fluorescent Yellow
 1424  Redwing Blackbird Or Shrimp
 1425  White Scale
 1430  Red And Orange Spotted
 1431  Rainbow Fire
 1432  Fire Plug
 1433  Black Scale
 1434  Blue Flash
 1435  Purple Eel
 1436  Sucker
 1437  Yellow Flash
 1438  Pearl
 1439  Tiger Stripe
 1440  Chrome
 1441  Red And Yellow Or Amber Flash
 1442  Black And Yellow Or Psychie
 1443  Strawberry
 1444  Whitefish
 1400 FG  Fluorescent Green
 1400 FR  Fluorescent Red
 1400 FY  Fluorescent Yellow
 1400 R  Red Pickerel Pikie
 1400 Y  Yellow Pickerel Pikie
 1400 Special  Uncatalogued Colors


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