Heddon Assorted Fly Rod Lures Empty Box

Tough Lures


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This is a nice old Heddon Assorted lure box that was sold on Tough Lures! Vintage and antique fishing lures are added for sale often so keep checking back! I buy old lures so feel free to contact me if you have any to sell.

It is stamped 33-70 ASS'T. From what I've been told, there are only 4 others known.  It is believed Heddon put out these combos when they decided to stop carrying fly rod lures. Out of the few of these boxes found that had lures in them, they contained a Wilder Dilg Spook, Trout Size Wilder Dilg Spook, Bass Bug Spook, Trout Size Bass Bug Spook, and Popper Spook. 

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