Creek Chub Empty Box For Rainbow Husky Dinger 5708

Tough Lures

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This Empty Box is pretty nice with a little normal wear and it has No split corners. This box is 100% Correct out of the factory.

The white area that has the 5708 Stamped on it is not white out. Creek Chub had a sticker on the box that they either removed or it fell off. Then they stamped the 5708 over top that white area where the sticker used to be. This box is absolutely legit and SO RARE!

Obviously Creek Chub would not have had a box already made for this Special Order Color so they reused a box they already had. If you collect Husky Dingers you know how rare this color is!

Even if you don't have the lure yet, you should snatch up this box because I doubt you will find the lure and box together. 

I will also consider offers or trades for this box so feel free to email me at  with a fair offer or pictures of what Tough Lures you have to trade. 

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