Immell Chippewa in Red Spotted Fancyback in the Original Box. This is definitely a fantastic find and no surprise with 27 bids.

Heddon Tadpolly Runt W/ Correct Box. These are one of the neatest scarce Heddon lures out there. This is one of the nicest combos I’ve seen. Ended with 20 bids.

Buckeye Bait Bug N Bass in Solid Yellow. I have never seen one is this uncataloged color before. Who knows when you’ll ever see this rare color again!

Pflueger Palomine in Black Body, White Head, with Blush around the mouth. This one had a few small paint chips & pointers, but that didn’t take away from the rarity.

Creek Chub Pikie with Van Houton Sunrise Lip. These painted lips are generally seen on a Wiggler and almost never on a Pikie.

I’ve never seen one of these before, but it was listed as an Antique Admiral Trolling Minnow. This one proves you should be careful not to under estimate a metal lure because bidders went crazy over it.

Heddon Budweiser Hi Tail W/ Box. Not sure what to say about this one except that I think there might have some questionable bidding going on or two bidders just had a good ol’ fashioned samuri fight over a tough to find lure! Either way, this was a great lure that’s rarely seen with an even rarer correct box! I hope for the buyer’s sake this bidding was legit.

Moonlight Floating Bait in the Original Box. It’s not often you find one this nice and in the box to top it off. This one sold with 27 bids.

Heddon Green Coachdog River Runt. I always like it when I see colors pop up on lures that I’ve never seen before and this is no exception. This guy got 13 bids. There can’t be many of these out there!

Bagley BSTT Foil. I shouldn’t be surprised (but always am) when Bagley lures go through the roof. There’s gotta be some bait stores out there somewhere with these still hanging on their rack.

Fred Arbogast Tin Liz Snake. This is one of my favorite Arbogast lures. The condition on one side was nice and not-so-nice on the other side, but because of rarity and desirability this tough one brought a bunch of bids.

Pflueger Baby Surprise Minnow. Here is one of those lures you never see and when you do, you never find one in this nice of condition! Wish this little beauty was in my collection! When will you ever see another?

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