Halik Frog In Box. These are a great example of a mechanical frog. This one was probably one of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

Winchester Minnow in Box. Now this is a rare one and in a Beautiful color too! It snatched 17 bids.

Walton Speed Bait in The Box. This is a neat and tough one!

R L Clewell Snakerbait in the Box. The lure was pretty nice compared to most of these I have seen. The box was a little rough, but not something you see very often. This one brought in 37 bids.

Heddon 210 in Redscale in the Box. Very nice example of a scarce color on this lure. The box was unmarked and this beauty will never need upgraded.

Han-Craft Plunk O Lure. This lure was nice with not a lot of wear. It seems the lures with the fin shaped tails always have some good appeal.

Heddon Lucky 13 in Mackerel. Here is yet another neat and tough to find color on a Lucky 13. These are great lures for collecting due to the variety of colors out there.

Creek Chub Sucker Minnow. You rarely find them as nice as this one! With only a few pointers it will be hard to upgrade.

Empty Box for Spinno Minno. Typically, a Spinno Minno Box is nothing to get too excited about but this one was tough because it was made by Pecos River Tackle Co rather than Uniline.

Heddon Near Surface Wiggler in Tough Color. This is the first time I have seen a Wiggler in this great color.

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