Rhodes Mechanical Frog In Box. This was a nice one in a pretty nice box. You don’t see these very often! It went with 28 bids.

Creek Chub Pikie in Tiger Stripe/Bumble Bee. This was a Very Nice Example in the correctly stamped box. It would be tough to upgrade this one.

Heddon Tiny Torpedo in Yellow Snake Line. What a great special order color this was!

Jos M Ness Nifty Minne. This was a neat lure that was made from celluloid around 1913. It must be a tough one because even with a missing hook it brought in 31 bids.

Creek Chub Wagtail in Pickerel Red Head with Gold Body. This was an absolutely amazing find! This one came with a letter of authenticity from Harry Heinzerling and I highly doubt another like this will be found.This was probably the deal of the week.

Shakespeare Musky Pad-Ler in Frog Spot in the Box. This was a nice lure in the correctly stamped box.

Eger Glass Eyed Dillinger. This was Nice with minimal wear. Although a Dillinger is a fairly common lure, you rarely find them with Glass Eyes.

Heddon Vamp in Red Head with Crackleback Body. Even with paint loss by the eye and some crazing, this tough, tough lure is not seen very often.

Heddon Muskollonge Minnow in Green Crackleback. Here was a nice example of a rare Heddon. It had a little belly wear, but besides that, one of the nicer examples I have seen.

South Bend Bass Oreno Blue with Lightening Bolt. This one had a few areas of paint loss, but the rarity of this color made it a true collector’s gem.

Heddon Tiger in Circus Display Box. Now here is a neat one! I must say, I had no idea this tiger cage circus box existed until I saw this auction.

Creek Chub Pikie White with Blue Head. This was a pretty rare one! Even though a box was shown in the picture, it was not the correct box for this lure.

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