Creek Chub Injured Minnow White with Black Head in The Box. Wow! When I saw this lure, I fully expected to see it sell SKY HIGH. Not only is it an incredibly rare Special Order Color, but it’s also in the Correctly Stamped Box. I was pretty surprised to see it end for $565.00 and I’m sure the high bidder was thrilled with the deal!

Heddon No Snag River Runt Spook Sinker in Allen Stripey. This was a Beauty and an extremely tough one too. It sold for $836.00 and was well worth it!

Sportsman Shrimp Lure in Yellow with Black Stripes. I have to say that this is not my area of expertise, but this must have been quite a desirable color. It topped out at $231.00 and was a pretty nice looking lure.

Keeling Pike Tom in the Box. This was a beautiful example in a very nice box. Lots of bidders got involved and the ending price was $406.00

Joe Pepper 20th Century Minnow. This was a very nice one! It went for $268.00 with 10 bids. I’m certain the winner was very happy with this one!

Heddon Flipper in Natural Scale. This was a nice example with not a lot of wear. You don’t see Flippers very often and this one went for $330.00 with 21 bids.

JJ Gill Bass Bird in the Box. I’ve seen plenty of these lures loose, but not very many in their Original Boxes. The lure and the box both looked nice and brought a top price of $178.00

Outings Du Getum in the Box. Here was a nice example and in a tough color too! I have always thought these were pretty cool. It went for $265.00 with 18 bids.

Shakespeare Slim Jim made specially for McKinney Sporting Goods and called a McKinney Special. This was a nice lure and no doubt a new centerpiece for a collection. This one sold for a best offer price of $180.00

Heddon “00” Five Hook Minnow. This was a Beautiful example and had toilet seat hardware, which is almost never seen on one of these. It brought a very nice price of $965.00

Charmer Minnow Yellow with Red Stripes. This is probably one of the nicest examples I’ve seen lately. Often times these have paint loss, but this beauty didn’t have very much wear and went for $661.00

Creek Chub Glass Eye Husky Pikie in Tiger Stripe/Bumble Bee. This was an Absolutely Gorgeous example and I don’t think it could possibly be upgraded. It’s a very tough one and even came in the correctly stamped box. The price on this one was $305.00

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