Heddon 110 In Gold with Blush around the eyes. This lure was in Beautiful condition and in such a rare color. It brought $1035.00 with 11 bids.

Pflueger Maybug. This is one of those lures that I haven’t seen very many of, but 3 of them have made an appearance on Ebay in the past few weeks. This is a nice example with minor paint loss and saw an ending price of $800.00

Abbey & Imbrie Torpedo Bait. This is yet another lure that shows just how collectible metal lures can be. This one went up to $245.00 with 12 bids.

K & K Animated Minnow “The Minnoette” in the Box. Wow! This is an Incredibly Rare lure in an even more Rare Box. This one had a little bit of wear, but compared to other K & K lures I have seen, it was pretty nice. This lure held strong and ended for $2413.00 with 22 bids.

Heddon No Snag River Runt in Solid Black. This was a Beautiful Example and looked all Original too. Nothing fancy about this color scheme, but quite obviously a rare one at $340.00

Stan Gibbs Saltwater Lure in Yellow Blue Mackerel. Wow! This is the first Stan Gibbs lure I’ve seen go as high as this one did. The RARE color along with it being Mint in the Correct Box, gave this one the desirability that brought it up to $635.00 with 14 bids.

Nichols Silver Dollar Silver Dollar Perch with Glass Eyes. This one had some honest wear, but what a rare one! Seeing as how it went for $560.00, I can only imagine how much value this would have Mint!

Bud Stewart Ice Spearing Decoy. I think the great lures and decoys made by Bud Stewart will never lose their appeal. They are always so neat! This one saw an ending price of $161.00

Bagley Model DB3 in BSTT or Black On Silver Tiger Stripe. This lure was in Excellent Condition in a Very tough color. The ending price on this rarity was $364.00 with 14 bids.

Creek Chub Solid Red Deluxe Wagtail Chub. This was a nice example with just a little bit of wear. I believe this was 100% legit and the ending price of $160.00 was a pretty modest one for this beauty.

Clinton Wilt Little Wonder. I have never seen one of these before, but it has the same neat appeal as “The Reel Lure.” This one sold for $290.00 and was pretty nice with just a little bit of expected wear.

Creek Chub Jointed Darter In Fluorescent Yellow in Box. Now here is a Rare CCBC for you! This one was in nice condition and in the Correctly Stamped Box. The ending price of $225.00 was no surprise.

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K & K Animated Minnow. This great find had only some minor wear and paint flaking. It was definitely nicer than most I’ve seen.

Heddon River Spook Sinker in Allen Stripey. Unfished and Very Nice made this one bring a good amount of bids. Definitely is a tough one.

Bingo lure that said Merry Christmas on it. This must be quite a rare lure! It topped out with 16 bids.

South Bend Whirl Oreno In The Box. So often these are found with wear, but this one was NICE and in the Correctly Marked Box to top it off. When will you see another this nice?

Heddon 100 with 2 Belly Weights in the Wooden Box. The lure and the box had some wear, but it’s getting harder and harder to find these in Legimate Wooden boxes.

The Lebel Lure. This one is the WOW of the week. The seller in the UK described it as The Lebel Lure from the William Woodfield of Redditch wholesale catalogue from 1890. He said this is only one of Two known in existance, so this was most definitely a fantastic find.

Water Gremlin Magnetic Weedless Lure In Box. This is a neat one that I haven’t seen before. In Excellent condition and with the box and paperwork.

Arbogast Three Fin Tin Liz Sunfish. It seems these beauties never lose their appeal to collectors. This was a pretty nice example.

Creek Chub Peter’s Special in Silver Flash. You don’t often find these as nice as this one and in the Correctly Stamped Box too. This beauty had a whopping 41 bids!

Live Action Frog in the Original Box. This was a very nice one and just goes to show that plastic lures are loved by collectors too.

Heddon Lucky 13 in Black Shore. Yet another tough Heddon lure you don’t see very often. Once again, this goes to show that plastic is getting more collectible.

Heddon Musky Vamp in the Correct Box. The lure was absolutely beautiful, near MINT and in the Correctly Stamped Box. I’m sure the seller was thrilled!

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