Heddon Blue Eyed Albino Baby Torpedo In Box. This is certainly the first time I have seen this color and who knows, maybe the last time. This rare beauty topped out with 38 bids!

Tempter Frog. This was a Very Nice Example and unlikely to be upgraded. The bidders agreed!

Vermillion Mouse in the Box. This very nice example in the correct box brought in 11 bids.

Winter’s Weedless Surface Bait. This neat little moth from around the 1920’s is a great find.

Lucky Strike Walleye Minnow. This lure was listed as an unknown but the collectors found this Rare Gem with 17 bids.

Lake George Floater. This was a nice example that got the bidders excited bringing it in with 26 bids!

Nichols Shrimp in the Box. A Beautiful Lure in a Nice box which is a rare combo to find! Not too shabby!

Heddon Vamp in Luny Frog. This one only had a little bit of wear, and you don’t find them that nice very often.

Heddon Dummy Double In Box. Absolutely Beautiful Example in the correctly stamped box. This one brought in 15 bids.

Unknown Frog. This frog was unmarked but obviously the bidders either knew something the seller didn’t know or they just flat out liked it with 30 bids!

Creek Chub Surface Dingbat In Sable. This was a Very Nice one you don’t just find everyday!

Heddon Hi Tail in Checkerboard. This is one of the toughest colors you can find on a Hi Tail.

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Halik Frog In Box. These are a great example of a mechanical frog. This one was probably one of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

Winchester Minnow in Box. Now this is a rare one and in a Beautiful color too! It snatched 17 bids.

Walton Speed Bait in The Box. This is a neat and tough one!

R L Clewell Snakerbait in the Box. The lure was pretty nice compared to most of these I have seen. The box was a little rough, but not something you see very often. This one brought in 37 bids.

Heddon 210 in Redscale in the Box. Very nice example of a scarce color on this lure. The box was unmarked and this beauty will never need upgraded.

Han-Craft Plunk O Lure. This lure was nice with not a lot of wear. It seems the lures with the fin shaped tails always have some good appeal.

Heddon Lucky 13 in Mackerel. Here is yet another neat and tough to find color on a Lucky 13. These are great lures for collecting due to the variety of colors out there.

Creek Chub Sucker Minnow. You rarely find them as nice as this one! With only a few pointers it will be hard to upgrade.

Empty Box for Spinno Minno. Typically, a Spinno Minno Box is nothing to get too excited about but this one was tough because it was made by Pecos River Tackle Co rather than Uniline.

Heddon Near Surface Wiggler in Tough Color. This is the first time I have seen a Wiggler in this great color.

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Rhodes Mechanical Frog In Box. This was a nice one in a pretty nice box. You don’t see these very often! It went with 28 bids.

Creek Chub Pikie in Tiger Stripe/Bumble Bee. This was a Very Nice Example in the correctly stamped box. It would be tough to upgrade this one.

Heddon Tiny Torpedo in Yellow Snake Line. What a great special order color this was!

Jos M Ness Nifty Minne. This was a neat lure that was made from celluloid around 1913. It must be a tough one because even with a missing hook it brought in 31 bids.

Creek Chub Wagtail in Pickerel Red Head with Gold Body. This was an absolutely amazing find! This one came with a letter of authenticity from Harry Heinzerling and I highly doubt another like this will be found.This was probably the deal of the week.

Shakespeare Musky Pad-Ler in Frog Spot in the Box. This was a nice lure in the correctly stamped box.

Eger Glass Eyed Dillinger. This was Nice with minimal wear. Although a Dillinger is a fairly common lure, you rarely find them with Glass Eyes.

Heddon Vamp in Red Head with Crackleback Body. Even with paint loss by the eye and some crazing, this tough, tough lure is not seen very often.

Heddon Muskollonge Minnow in Green Crackleback. Here was a nice example of a rare Heddon. It had a little belly wear, but besides that, one of the nicer examples I have seen.

South Bend Bass Oreno Blue with Lightening Bolt. This one had a few areas of paint loss, but the rarity of this color made it a true collector’s gem.

Heddon Tiger in Circus Display Box. Now here is a neat one! I must say, I had no idea this tiger cage circus box existed until I saw this auction.

Creek Chub Pikie White with Blue Head. This was a pretty rare one! Even though a box was shown in the picture, it was not the correct box for this lure.

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Beaver Bait Co. Old Fighter in The Box. I have always liked these lures! This one was blue shad in the box which is a very rare color on this lure.

Ben Smith Shrimp In The Box. This is a tough and very desirable combo.

Millers Reversable Yellow with Gold Dots. Had some paint loss but still a very tough find with 26 bids.

Hetzel Lure. Here’s one I haven’t seen before that I think is pretty neat. The seller said it was made of hard plastic and had glass eyes. The bidders must have liked it too ending it with 14 bids.

Heddon Fly Rod Fuzzi Bug. This was a Beautiful example of one of several very popular Heddon Fly Rod lures.

Comstock Flying Helgrammite. This has to be, by far, the biggest WOW lure of my blog so far! This is one of The Rarest lures I can think of and even with paint loss, this one brought in a slew of bids. Who knows when we’ll see another one of these again! Simply Amazing!

Creek Chub Purple Eel Saltwater Pikie In The Box. This one was Nice with Glass Eyes and in the correctly marked Box too. Saltwater Pikies are already a little tough to find, but then you add the great color on this one and you get lots of bidding on it. This was a neat find!

South Bend Min Buck Minnow in the Intro Box. This was an absolute Beauty with a gold body and red head. One of the bidders said the intro box was made for less than one year, so what a rare find this was. It captured 21 bids.

Heddon Pearl Lucky 13 in the Box. I don’t think it would ever be possible to upgrade this lure! It was in a gorgeous color and the box was correctly stamped.

Creek Chub Deluxe Wagtail In Frog. This was a very nice example of one of the toughest Creek Chubs I saw for sale in the past few weeks. I would say it may be a long time before another is seen in this special order color.

Darby Spin Head Weedless in Box. It was a nice one and the box was nice too, so I’m sure that contributed to amount of bidding this one brought.

Heddon Big Hedd in Nickel Plate. I have never seen a Big Hedd go for as much as this Uncataloged color did. It ended with 12 bids.

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Creek Chub Injured Minnow White with Black Head in The Box. Wow! When I saw this lure, I fully expected to see it sell SKY HIGH. Not only is it an incredibly rare Special Order Color, but it’s also in the Correctly Stamped Box. I was pretty surprised to see it end for $565.00 and I’m sure the high bidder was thrilled with the deal!

Heddon No Snag River Runt Spook Sinker in Allen Stripey. This was a Beauty and an extremely tough one too. It sold for $836.00 and was well worth it!

Sportsman Shrimp Lure in Yellow with Black Stripes. I have to say that this is not my area of expertise, but this must have been quite a desirable color. It topped out at $231.00 and was a pretty nice looking lure.

Keeling Pike Tom in the Box. This was a beautiful example in a very nice box. Lots of bidders got involved and the ending price was $406.00

Joe Pepper 20th Century Minnow. This was a very nice one! It went for $268.00 with 10 bids. I’m certain the winner was very happy with this one!

Heddon Flipper in Natural Scale. This was a nice example with not a lot of wear. You don’t see Flippers very often and this one went for $330.00 with 21 bids.

JJ Gill Bass Bird in the Box. I’ve seen plenty of these lures loose, but not very many in their Original Boxes. The lure and the box both looked nice and brought a top price of $178.00

Outings Du Getum in the Box. Here was a nice example and in a tough color too! I have always thought these were pretty cool. It went for $265.00 with 18 bids.

Shakespeare Slim Jim made specially for McKinney Sporting Goods and called a McKinney Special. This was a nice lure and no doubt a new centerpiece for a collection. This one sold for a best offer price of $180.00

Heddon “00” Five Hook Minnow. This was a Beautiful example and had toilet seat hardware, which is almost never seen on one of these. It brought a very nice price of $965.00

Charmer Minnow Yellow with Red Stripes. This is probably one of the nicest examples I’ve seen lately. Often times these have paint loss, but this beauty didn’t have very much wear and went for $661.00

Creek Chub Glass Eye Husky Pikie in Tiger Stripe/Bumble Bee. This was an Absolutely Gorgeous example and I don’t think it could possibly be upgraded. It’s a very tough one and even came in the correctly stamped box. The price on this one was $305.00

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Heddon 110 In Gold with Blush around the eyes. This lure was in Beautiful condition and in such a rare color. It brought $1035.00 with 11 bids.

Pflueger Maybug. This is one of those lures that I haven’t seen very many of, but 3 of them have made an appearance on Ebay in the past few weeks. This is a nice example with minor paint loss and saw an ending price of $800.00

Abbey & Imbrie Torpedo Bait. This is yet another lure that shows just how collectible metal lures can be. This one went up to $245.00 with 12 bids.

K & K Animated Minnow “The Minnoette” in the Box. Wow! This is an Incredibly Rare lure in an even more Rare Box. This one had a little bit of wear, but compared to other K & K lures I have seen, it was pretty nice. This lure held strong and ended for $2413.00 with 22 bids.

Heddon No Snag River Runt in Solid Black. This was a Beautiful Example and looked all Original too. Nothing fancy about this color scheme, but quite obviously a rare one at $340.00

Stan Gibbs Saltwater Lure in Yellow Blue Mackerel. Wow! This is the first Stan Gibbs lure I’ve seen go as high as this one did. The RARE color along with it being Mint in the Correct Box, gave this one the desirability that brought it up to $635.00 with 14 bids.

Nichols Silver Dollar Silver Dollar Perch with Glass Eyes. This one had some honest wear, but what a rare one! Seeing as how it went for $560.00, I can only imagine how much value this would have Mint!

Bud Stewart Ice Spearing Decoy. I think the great lures and decoys made by Bud Stewart will never lose their appeal. They are always so neat! This one saw an ending price of $161.00

Bagley Model DB3 in BSTT or Black On Silver Tiger Stripe. This lure was in Excellent Condition in a Very tough color. The ending price on this rarity was $364.00 with 14 bids.

Creek Chub Solid Red Deluxe Wagtail Chub. This was a nice example with just a little bit of wear. I believe this was 100% legit and the ending price of $160.00 was a pretty modest one for this beauty.

Clinton Wilt Little Wonder. I have never seen one of these before, but it has the same neat appeal as “The Reel Lure.” This one sold for $290.00 and was pretty nice with just a little bit of expected wear.

Creek Chub Jointed Darter In Fluorescent Yellow in Box. Now here is a Rare CCBC for you! This one was in nice condition and in the Correctly Stamped Box. The ending price of $225.00 was no surprise.

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K & K Animated Minnow. This great find had only some minor wear and paint flaking. It was definitely nicer than most I’ve seen.

Heddon River Spook Sinker in Allen Stripey. Unfished and Very Nice made this one bring a good amount of bids. Definitely is a tough one.

Bingo lure that said Merry Christmas on it. This must be quite a rare lure! It topped out with 16 bids.

South Bend Whirl Oreno In The Box. So often these are found with wear, but this one was NICE and in the Correctly Marked Box to top it off. When will you see another this nice?

Heddon 100 with 2 Belly Weights in the Wooden Box. The lure and the box had some wear, but it’s getting harder and harder to find these in Legimate Wooden boxes.

The Lebel Lure. This one is the WOW of the week. The seller in the UK described it as The Lebel Lure from the William Woodfield of Redditch wholesale catalogue from 1890. He said this is only one of Two known in existance, so this was most definitely a fantastic find.

Water Gremlin Magnetic Weedless Lure In Box. This is a neat one that I haven’t seen before. In Excellent condition and with the box and paperwork.

Arbogast Three Fin Tin Liz Sunfish. It seems these beauties never lose their appeal to collectors. This was a pretty nice example.

Creek Chub Peter’s Special in Silver Flash. You don’t often find these as nice as this one and in the Correctly Stamped Box too. This beauty had a whopping 41 bids!

Live Action Frog in the Original Box. This was a very nice one and just goes to show that plastic lures are loved by collectors too.

Heddon Lucky 13 in Black Shore. Yet another tough Heddon lure you don’t see very often. Once again, this goes to show that plastic is getting more collectible.

Heddon Musky Vamp in the Correct Box. The lure was absolutely beautiful, near MINT and in the Correctly Stamped Box. I’m sure the seller was thrilled!

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Immell Chippewa in Red Spotted Fancyback in the Original Box. This is definitely a fantastic find and no surprise with 27 bids.

Heddon Tadpolly Runt W/ Correct Box. These are one of the neatest scarce Heddon lures out there. This is one of the nicest combos I’ve seen. Ended with 20 bids.

Buckeye Bait Bug N Bass in Solid Yellow. I have never seen one is this uncataloged color before. Who knows when you’ll ever see this rare color again!

Pflueger Palomine in Black Body, White Head, with Blush around the mouth. This one had a few small paint chips & pointers, but that didn’t take away from the rarity.

Creek Chub Pikie with Van Houton Sunrise Lip. These painted lips are generally seen on a Wiggler and almost never on a Pikie.

I’ve never seen one of these before, but it was listed as an Antique Admiral Trolling Minnow. This one proves you should be careful not to under estimate a metal lure because bidders went crazy over it.

Heddon Budweiser Hi Tail W/ Box. Not sure what to say about this one except that I think there might have some questionable bidding going on or two bidders just had a good ol’ fashioned samuri fight over a tough to find lure! Either way, this was a great lure that’s rarely seen with an even rarer correct box! I hope for the buyer’s sake this bidding was legit.

Moonlight Floating Bait in the Original Box. It’s not often you find one this nice and in the box to top it off. This one sold with 27 bids.

Heddon Green Coachdog River Runt. I always like it when I see colors pop up on lures that I’ve never seen before and this is no exception. This guy got 13 bids. There can’t be many of these out there!

Bagley BSTT Foil. I shouldn’t be surprised (but always am) when Bagley lures go through the roof. There’s gotta be some bait stores out there somewhere with these still hanging on their rack.

Fred Arbogast Tin Liz Snake. This is one of my favorite Arbogast lures. The condition on one side was nice and not-so-nice on the other side, but because of rarity and desirability this tough one brought a bunch of bids.

Pflueger Baby Surprise Minnow. Here is one of those lures you never see and when you do, you never find one in this nice of condition! Wish this little beauty was in my collection! When will you ever see another?

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Silver Herring Head On Basser. I have never seen one of these this nice before! This extremely tough lure was quite nice and in an unmarked box.

C.A. Clark Goofy Gus. These lures are definitely original looking to say the least. This one was in beautiful condition and is a very neat lure!

Live Action Frog W/ Original Box. If you collect frog lures then you know this is tough one to find. The graphics on this box are great and the mechanical system on the frog is really ingeniousGotta love it!

Pflueger Muskallonge Minnow. Despite the fragile nature of these lures, this one was well intact and didn’t have a whole lot of wear. This 6 3/4” toughie is a hard one to fine for sure!

Heddon River Runt Spook Floater in Spots On Black. This uncatalogued color is probably as rare as Waterwave!

Ypsilanti Minnow in the box. These lures pop up now and again, but this is the first one I have seen in the box with paperwork.

Donaly Red Fin Minnow. I always love these lures for their neat character. It’s always funny to see a lure sell for this much or more when a seller doesn’t know what they have.

Creek Chub Beetle in Frog Spot. Despite the lure having some honest wear, it held strong at with 25 bids.

Six Spinno Minno lures 601 through 606 series. You don’t often see a pastel Spinno let alone all 6 at the same time with nice boxes! These babies probably put a great big smile on the winning buyer’s face.

Superstrike Shrimp Florida Bait Company. These were some of the neatest designs for a lure. Each area on the body is hinged and moves separately giving the shrimp a very realistic look moving through the water. Definitely a sweetheart of a lure here!

Pflueger Palomine Black Body W/ White Head. Here is another gem you don’t see very often. This color combo is rarely seen. This one had glass eyes, was in VG condition got 13 bids.

Heddon Tiny Punkinseed in FLS. Here is one you sure don’t see very often! This lure was 100% original and I’m sure the lucky winner was quite pleased with this rare find.

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